Pine Bluffs: Wyoming’s Rest Area, Hiking Area and Archeological Sit

The rest area near Pine Bluffs, Wyoming on Interstate 80 is more than just a short pit stop. Plan to spend some time there before going to, Colorado, Nebraska, Salt Lake City or Yellowstone.

The first special item about this rest area in South East Wyoming is that it includes an Archaeology Site that is run by the University of Wyoming. The building that houses the Archaeology Site is called, Windows of the Past. It is only ten minutes away from the rest area. Although there are signs posted stating what the hours are for the Archaeology Site, they are not reliable. It may be closed even though it is expected to be open. However, the ten minute walk is on pavement and quite picturesque.

Pine Bluffs RV Park, Wyoming

South East Wyoming is rather dry. There are many succulent plants that can adapt to arid environments. Some of them are quite colorful. There were blue, yellow, purple,and pink flowered plants along the trail to the Archaeology Site. There was also a cactus like plant growing out of a hole in a boulder. A panoramic view of multicolored rocks on top of a hill were also seen along that ten minute walk.

There are steps that are needed to be climbed from the rest area to the Archaeology Site. However, there is also a small parking lot right by the building that houses the Archaeology Site. This parking lot can be accessed by people who don’t want to walk. Directions to the parking lot can be found at the rest area.

The short walk to the Archaeology Site is only one small part of the large city park that extends out from the rest area by Pine Bluffs, Wyoming. The entire park is over 400 acres and there are many dirt hiking trails that can be taken from the rest area into the Pine Bluffs City Park. It’s a nice idea to keep some good meal with you as you’ll need it while visiting the park. This rustic part of the park contains canyons and bluffs. There are overlooks and stone circle sites. A map of the park provided by the rest area shows that there is also an outdoor amphitheater and a golf course. The golf course as well as the Archaeology Site is mentioned on the official Pine Bluffs, Wyoming website.

The Pine Bluffs City Park is only a short drive from Nebraska and Lake McConaughy which is discussed in this Associated Content Article. Both of these Midwest outdoor adventures are just a few miles off of Interstate 80. There is plenty to see and do out of doors in this part of the United States. Pine Bluffs City Park is just one of many attractions.